Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A free bird

Today was my last day at Vortex. Honestly it has not yet sunk in fully that I'm no longer part of the company. The product and the team behind the product has been so much of an inspiration. For the last three plus years, I had lived Vortex. It will surely take a while before my mind accepts the change.

It has not been an easy decision to foray into entrepreneurship, especially coming from a middle class family of regular salary earners. The rebellious streak I had early on as mentioned in my previous post was rekindled recently while coming across this new opportunity. The sense of increased purpose made me feel that if I did not grab the chance now, I'd regret it my entire life. And thus I've embarked on something unthinkable in my middle class family and friends circle - let go of an assured decent salary in return for passion and potential for higher returns.

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