Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why FB is so popular

Having been a Google+ fan compared to Facebook, I always keep wondering why Google+ have not so far been able to get the coolness factor. The crowd is still on FB. Google+, to me, is more like a content reader.

So what makes people stick to FB? I think somewhere it satisfies a core human need - the need to 'brag' to others on their 'achievements'. Sharing pics taken from foreign countries, honeymoon pics, etc and then waiting impatiently for "wow!!! so cute!!!" kind of comments - no social networking site has serviced this need better than facebook. Also, facebook is turning out to be a "second life" or alternate reality platform where even if your life sucks, you can make it appear to your peers that is is "rocking". Apparently making it appear all rosy to your peers is more important than it really being rosy!

That way, I like the crowd and postings on Google+. If Google+ were to become popular with the same kind of crowd, it would no longer be able to stand out - it would become another Orkut.


  1. its funny that only humans consider mating and reproduction as brag-worthy 'achievements', while for every other species its a natural process. by making it all a complex socio-cultural-economic necessity ,we have over-rated everything and devalued life.

  2. @sowpar you nailed it - facebook is so sickeningly filled with pics of kids and pics of honeymoons!

  3. @sowpar - updated by adding two more lines bashing fb :D

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