Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hire & Fire

I keep hearing from folks and relatives in Kerala on how the IT sector jobs are not offering enough job security. The level to which job security is taken for granted (layoffs during recession notwithstanding) became evident to me while I was having dinner at a restaurant near my office last night.

An elderly staff was suddenly scolding a young staff member. It soon turned out that he had, instead of having food in the restaurant itself, packed it for home consumption. (I wonder why this is prohibited - what commercial harm could befall if a staff member takes out 1 plate of parotta?) And then the elderly gentleman passed the verdict on the young chap's crime - "don't come to work from tomorrow onwards. You are fired". All for packing his dinner to take home, probably to share food with a brother or a friend who stays with him.

And we say there is no job security in IT industry.


  1. huh :) in all probability the job wouldnt have been so volatile... the 'boss' prolly expected the parotta guy to come back grovelling and begging 'saar... ' :) he would have been reinstated (i hope ) ...

  2. @sowpar I too hope so, but the young chap did not attempt any pleading. Instead he picked up a fight with another co-worker whom he accused of doing this without being caught.