Sunday, January 29, 2012

Salt and Pepper

The thing I like most about the Malayalam movie 'Salt & Pepper' is the beautiful way in which my home city of Thiruvananthapuram is shown. Most Malayalam films, if they are city based, focus on Kochi.

Apart from that, there are many reasons to watch the film- it is a light comedy, with the comedy aspects well woven into the storyline without having a separate comedy track. The movie is an out and out foodie movie (as the title suggests) and one would end up feeling really hungry by interval time.

That someone could make a movie so refreshingly different in Malayalam industry which has already tried various genres is really commendable. Also noteworthy is the lack of any big names in the cast.

Highly recommended, especially if you live to eat (and not the other way round)


  1. the title initially made me think it was something to do with greying 50+ characters :)

    wonder why nobody in india thought of coming up with a foodie movie till now, given the fact that food occupies an important part in the indian culture... but love is still a bad word in india and yet every movie is all about it - talk about irony !

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