Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another 'Social Business' Idea - Mosquito Killing Contest

Yet another crazy idea which is hardly a business - a slight tech modification on the ubiquitous 'kosu-bats' of Chennai.

This product can be called KillVeri, a spoof on my real company name, SkillVeri. Some electronics added to ensure that each real mosquito killed is counted (and some other means to ensure that wires being shorted don't count) and a mechanism to send each bat's kill number to a central server: I'm sure a business can be built around a game which rewards the person who kills max mosquitoes in a locality, region and so on.
This business also directly encourages eliminating mosquito menace, thus indirectly help eradicate malaria, thus helping improve health of people, and such blah blah to call it a 'social business' and hence call myself a 'social entrepreneur'. Yes, I know this is stretching things too far, but then what else are MBAs meant for?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Potential Market - Content Development for Spiritual Gurus

This is written in jest, but who knows, this could be serious business some years down the line!
Most of the spiritual gurus say ambiguous and confusing this such that if you openly admit not understanding them you are considered to be a fool by the others. While they're doing a decent job right now, I think they'll run out of more ambiguous statements pretty soon.
And who's better than MBAs when it comes to generating paragraphs of content without meaning much? Huge potential indeed!

Update: The same day I had written this blog, famous spiritual guru Deepak Chopra tweeted something like this - "Forgiveness is attention without judgement". Now you get the drift better, right?